What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Rene Bouwmeester) #732

If you’re going to use S/PDIF, you’ll be delighted with the DigiOne – it’s a great little board with excellent SQ.

(Martin Webster) #733

Hello Ged. Since the Allo uses the PCM5122 I suspect it has a similar sound to the IQAudiO, Bluesound etc. The RPi hats are impressive and fantastic value. In fact, because they’re that good, I had to spend more on a replacement DAC than I wanted.

However, I’m thoroughly enjoying the 2Qute. What I notice is detail or rather a spacial awareness of sounds that were most likely there before but now grab your attention. The good news is that the 2Qute can be picked up for a lot less than list price at the moment.

(Ged) #734

Thanks Martin. Where did you get yours?

(Martin Webster) #735

I bought it for £795 incl. delivery from Frank Harvey (HiFix) of Coventry using Amazon Prime–I wanted the cooling off period–, but they’re only a short drive from my home. It wasn’t much more than the used market price and I thought “when they’re gone, they’re gone.”

… and the new Qutest is way beyond my budget. :slight_smile:

I’m listening to Aja (Steely Dan) and have a big smile. I think my combination of Chord, Arcam and Dali works really well. :smile:


Listening room - Windows 10 pc running roon core > ultrarendu > 2qute > microzotl2 > David Berning ZH270 > Merlin VSM or Ether Flow Open headphones

Office - widows 10 pc running roon core > microrendu > mojo > Aeon Flow Closed headphones

Multi room using various sonos configs

(Rene Bouwmeester) #737

New friend for my Aeons to play with:


NUC i3 ROCK -> USB -> Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital - > analogue -> Anthem MRX-710 -> Kef R500s

(Tony Reimann) #739

The Allo Boss is vastly superior to the Iqaudio and Hifiberry DNC’s. There is more to a dac than just the dac chip itself!

(Martin Webster) #740

Evidence? I’ve auditioned a few PCM5122 devices and they all have a similar “sound signature”. Bluesound, for instance, use one chip per channel and pack in a lot more electronics, but the improvement over IQAudiO DAC+ was marginal at best. But this isn’t at all relevant to my post: if you’re thinking of upgrading your IQAudiO DAC+ (or another RPi DAC) you’re unlikely to go and buy another hat though I’m sure the Allo Boss is a very good DAC for the price.

(Robert ) #741


Rene, what are you using for Blue Shade Tape for the MQA light? or is that a factory blue light? My Prime Headphone amp lights are all white.

I’m hoping Meridian will come up with a firmware fix to address the MQA light. Support at Meridian USA was looking into it.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #742

No tape – the MQA indicator lights up blue (or green) all by itself. I think after the MQA cat was out of the bag, there was a front panel update: mine has the MQA logo printed above the indicator as well, while most of the pictures I see only don’t seem to have it:

(Robert ) #743

Thanks Rene…my Meridian Prime doesn’t have the MQA type above the lights. Support over at Meridian USA advised they were working on a firmware fix, but after completing the latest update, my device’s lights are still solid white. I wouldn’t object sending my unit to the factory for a lighting update if the cost wasn’t prohibitive.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #744

I’d think the colours are hardware, but I guess the Mothership will know for sure. :slight_smile:

(Robert ) #745

Same thought that it was hardware, but I spoke to Meridian support last week who emailed me the most current firmware updates and thought the light color change would be effected with the update. I let him know it didn’t, and he advised to hang tight for a bit while they worked on it.

(Martin Webster) #746

Not that I’m bitter, but you can pick up a new one for £695 now! Chord Electronics 2Qute DAC Black.


And what are your impressions?

(Jeff) #748

I’m warming up the Mirus Pro overnight to do some back and forths this weekend. The Yggy took a long time to come around that much I can say. I put 470 hours of Roon Radio on it.

(Ged) #749

Just plugged my 2qute that arrived today into my Pi. Gosh, that’s different.
Cask of Amontillado from Alan Parsons was queued up. Wow, there’s some attack with that.
The Allo DAC was very good but this is a level up.
SMS 200 next…

(Martin Webster) #750

Fantastic! Glad you like it. I’ll give Tales of Mystery and Imagination a “spin” after listening to My Favourite Faded Fantasy.

(Richard Verhart) #751

Mac Mini with Roon driving an Esoteric D-07 through Audioquest Coffee USB cable. Works like a breeze, also in exclusive and Integer mode.