What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Thomas Pinckard) #752

:sunglasses::rofl: You are right on the money with this DAC! However the next gen X ANNIVERSARY DAC - THE BEST!!


(Johan) #753

I just ordered an Audiolab M-Dac Plus. For now I will connect it with my Node 2, via Coax. The Audiolab itself will be connected with two mono power amps. Later on, I will replace the Node2 and buy me a SOtM sMS-200 (ultra?).

(Peter Hafkamp) #754

A Questyle CM600i DAC / Headphone amp.

(Robert ) #755

Follow up on the Meridian Prime Headphone Amp/DAC. No changes to the light scheme for older models. MQA light will remain white. Newly produced units will have colored MQA lights.

Per Jason @ Meridian USA.

(Kim Boyall) #756

I use Roon from my Ayre QX-5 Twenty dac/pre, which again drives my Burmester-system. Audionirvana! :heart_eyes:

(Mike Shortliffe) #757

QNap TS-429 NAS -> I5 Mac Mini (Roon Core) -> Sonore UltraRendu -> Mytek Brooklyn DAC -> Anthem MRX 710 -> Monitor Audio Gold 200
Getting there :slight_smile:

(Robert ) #758

The Anthem MRX and MA Golds go nicely together…:sunglasses::sunglasses:

(Mike Shortliffe) #759

I totally agree with you! Just added the Sonore…pure bliss!!

(Scott Winders) #760

sonicTransporter i5 (Roon Core) -> PS Audio DirectStream w/Bridge II (Roon Endpoint)

(Philipp Schaefer) #761

Zenith MK II (Roon Core + Music Server) -> Ethernet -> SOtM sMS200ultra (Roon Endpoint) -> USB -> Arcam FMJ D33 (DAC) -> XLR -> Ayre K5-xe MP (Pre) -> XLR -> ATC SCM50ASL Classic

(Jeff) #762

Here are some other impressions:




Mac Mini (headless - roon server)---->Sonore ultraRendu—>audiolab M-DAC±–>audiolab 8300A–>Awesome musical experiance:grinning:

(Kerwin Adduru) #764

Just a few days ago, I received the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.


Impressions? On the fence on getting the +.

(Gary) #766

RPi3/Allo Boss 1.2

(Kerwin Adduru) #767

I listened to the original Brooklyn for maybe half an hour and it immediately sounded good to me. I listened to the + at CanJam and there was definitely an improvement. At home, I’ve I listened about 12 hours or so on the + and I’m still really liking it. Very revealing, every slightly warmer than what I was used to on the Apogee Groove. The biggest most notable difference is that the + isn’t fatiguing. On darko.audio, the conclusion was to get the + if you don’t have the original already. I’d agree with that.

(Michel Forbes) #768

NADAC via Ravenna
Yamaha AP-U70 via USB
Stoner Acoustic via USB

More to come…

(Michael Dahlstrom) #769

Peachtree 200SE internal DAC (for the direct connection to my ROCK server)
Meridian 2 for my bedside headphones through a Raspberry Pi
Dragonfly Red for my iOS devices
Sonos for everything else (RAAT - I get it)

(paolo) #770

just replaced my 2Qute with a Qutest
not night and day but definitely an improvement :slight_smile:

moving the 2Qute to my secondary system so it will become: Aries Mini –> 2Qute -> RWA Signature 15 -> Klipsch R-15M
(when I briefly tried the Qutest there, it obviously was night and day compared to Aries Mini’s internal DAC)

(Mikael Ollars) #771

Paolo, can you please check if DSD-operation is glitch-free with the Qutest? :slight_smile: