What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Rick Brockman) #953

Topping DX3Pro - $185

(Joe Strain) #954

Schiit Yggdrasil v2

(simon_pepper) #955

Naim NDS (fed for Roon by Sonore UPnP Bridge running on UltraRendu with LPS1)

(Gustav Persson) #956

I’m waiting for mine. How do you like ut?

(Rick Brockman) #957

The DX3Pro is absolutely tiny next to the full rack size DAC it is replacing. I’ve been using an ESS based Buffalo III with a Legato line stage from Twisted Pear Audio. With all of the shunted power supplies it was quite a heating source.
I am very happy with the DX3Pro and look forward to the upcoming D70 with balanced outputs.

(Daniel Gale) #958

Fidelizer Nimitra S (Curious Cable USB) Modwright modded OPPO Sonica DAC.


Lounge : Linn Klimax DS Katalyst or Trinnov Amethyst
D&D 8C ( can’t wait for the Roon firmware update so can use as endpoint straight out of Roon running on Nucleus+ )
Study : IMac
Kitchen Sneaky DS

(Martin Friberg) #960

Chord Electronics Mojo.


Lumin D2
IQAudio Pi-DigiAmp+
IQAudio Pi-Dac+
Audioquest Beetle
Bluesound Pulse Flex


(Oliver Mai) #964

Chord Dave —> Oyaide DR-510 —> allo DIGIONE Signature Player powerd by 5000mAh A123 Systems ANR26650M1B LiFePo4 / RPI 3 B+ with Ropieee —> 5GHz WIFI —> AVM FRITZ!Box —> LAN —> Roon ROCK / Intel NUC7I7BNH 8GB with 128GB M.2 SSD

(Cees Vreugdenhil) #965

I think a typical set up: Raspberry Pi 3b+ / Allo Digione spdif / IFI micro IDSD Black Label.

Simple, effective and sounds wonderful.

(Jim) #966

RME ADI-2 DAC purchased for $1100 that handles my home office/den music playback. I send all lossless audio signals from Roon to the DAC and use the DAC’s built-in DSP options for room correction.

(OuYang, Ming-Kang) #967

Roon Nucleus > (Network) > Allo DigiOne Player > (BNC Coaxial) > Naim DAC

Just got Allo DigiOne Player for my old but faithful Naim DAC, pretty good match.

(Peter Hafkamp) #968

Nuc i5 Rock > Allo DigiOne > Teac NT-505.
Using the coaxial digital input on the Teac as is it is not Roon ready (yet).

(Alex) #969
  • Living Room > Sonos player
  • Listening Room > Chromecast (temporary) > Totaldac D1-Core
  • Bathroom > Apple Airport
  • Garage > Chromecast

(Philippe Dancause) #970

Moon by Simaudio 780d V2 along with a Moon 600i integrated . Truly wonderful stuff with Roon integration (even the physical volume on the 600i through Simlink!)

(Donald Bennett) #971

Nucleus to:

Living room: bluesound node 2>devialet phantom golds.

Listening room: wadia di122>AUDEZE lsdi4 headphones
Note; I am replacing the wadia with a mytek manhatten2 (on order). I will miss the wadia but I think the manhatten2 will be a good upgrade. I like streaming tidal MQA, which the manhatten2 will do.

(Artferg20) #972

Was using Bluesound Node 2i with Chord Qutest. Until 3 days ago changed streamer to Pro-ject Stream box S2 Ultra. Nice uplift in quality! :sunglasses:

(Tudup Ka) #973

Chord 2Qute, mostly usb from RPI, but sometimes coax(Allo Digione) from the same RPI. Roon can see both at the same time.

Usb galvanically isolated in 2Qute, coax galvanically isolated in Digione, so I cannot hear much difference between the two. Both sound fantastic with Roon!