What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Thomas Schaller) #1036

Oppo HA1 for headphone listening (Sennheiser HD 650, Beyerdynamic DT 880)
Chord Qutest for Roon endpoints (Auralic Aries LE, Allo DigiOne Signature, Sonore microRendu)

(Michael) #1037

@simon_fong: Could you provide your experience with the N15D. Looks like an affordable all-in-one roon-endpoint/DAC/HeadPhoneAmp. I am especially interrested in the Quality of the headphone amp …


(Bill Wolff) #1038

Roon Server on Windows 10 Dell with i7
Mojo > HiFiMan headphones at desk (usb)
Chromecast Ultra > Anthem > Triton One in family room (wired)
2 Chromecast > Yamaha in theater, Yamaha in master
2 Chromecast Audio in shop, garage
3 Surface Pro laptops as endpoints
1 Pixelbook
2 Pixel phones


NAD M51 from Aries using USB connection.


Living Room (Main)
Built-In Katalyst DAC of Linn Akurate DS/3
Leema Tucana Integrated Amp
Sonus Faber Olympica III

Fiio X3 (1st generation) Portable Player in USB DAC mode (~ EUR 200,- / USD 225,-)
Corda Jazz Headphone Amp
Sennheiser HD-25 (after my AKG550 fell apart)

Kids room
Audiophonics RaspDAC (Pi3 with DietPi+RoonBridge & HAT with I-Sabre DAC ES9028Q2M) (~ EUR 350,- / USD 395,-)

(simon fong) #1041

own n15D less than month it’s not break in yet, so for i’m happy with net play and it hook up to win10 pc with jriver before just build intel NUC with ROCK. ROCK better than win10

(simon fong) #1042

I don’t use headphone amp also just net play and DAC
yes 799 affordable sound better than emotive XDA-2

(John Eaton) #1043

Media Room:
Roon Core on Lenovo Tiny Windows 10 PC, i7, 16GB, 1TB SSD
Mytek Brooklyn DAC, Tidal HiFi
Classé SSP-800 Pre-pro, Classé CA-5300 Amplifier, Usher Audio CP-8571 Mk II DMD Speakers

Living Room:
Raspberry Pi feeding a Meridian Director DAC
Marantz SR-9600 Receiver driving Definitive Technology Speakers

Love the fact that any one of 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, 1 laptop, 1 Surface Pro, or 3 desktops PC’s can act as either a remote or an endpoint.

(Markus Menasci) #1044

Schiit Modi 3

(James Walsh) #1045

Just received the new Mytek Brooklyn Bridge ($2995). It’s the Brooklyn DAC+ with streamer/WiFi, MQA hardware and Roon Ready. This is my first separate DAC, so I can’t compare to others. What I can say is that is sounds awesome (McIntosh & Focal). Very easy setup over an existing LAN, Roon recognized immediately. The unit is surprising small but well built. Had a few questions and Mytek’s customer support was outstanding.

(Larry Megugorac) #1046

I feel lucky to also own the wonderfully capable HA-1…a huge shame that Oppo quit the Audio biz…I love my HA -1…I just don’t use the on-board DAC for HP or Speaker listening…

(Henry) #1047

Just taken delivery of a Teac NT-505. Firmware and network card updated and it now makes very pleasant sounds. It also means I have a “full MQA” solution that makes comparison very easy. It does full decode or rendering only and is silent. No pops or crackles when switching formats or moving to and from DSD. It does everything it should. I just have to decide if it is a keeper.

(Dan Brown) #1048

Kef LS50w. £2000, with streamer, amplifiers and speakers thrown in.


(Jeremy) #1049

Benchmark DAC 3 $2000
PS Audio DSD Sr (Bridge II) $5000
McIntosh C2600 $7000

(bevan court) #1050

I’ve just got one, really like what they did with the Schitt Modi 3. Personally think it’s better than the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 or whatever it’s called and at s fraction of the cost. Maybe I just prefer the AK over the Sabre DACs.


NUC 7i5 -> Meridian Explorer2
ODROID C2 as a Roon Bridge -> Marantz NA7004

Replaced the C2 with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro because on heavy loads on the USB and ethernet ports the sound quality suffered on some dropouts (Plex is also running on the C2).


Roon core on Synology
System 1: Ayre QX-5 to Ayre KX-5^20 to Ayre VX-5^20 to Vandersteen 5A
System 2: Allo USBridge to Ayre Codex to Music Reference RM-9MKII amp and Carlson OA-52 speakers
System 3: MacBook Pro to Scarlett 6i6Mk2 to Schitt Modi 3 to Nakamichi 610 control preamp to Nakamichi 620 amplifier to Proac Tablette Reference 8

(Nazrin Sabli) #1053

Transport: Predator 15 (Roon Core, JPlay7, Fidelizer Pro, HQ PLayer)
Convertor: Concero HD (USB to SPDIF)
DAC: Theta DsPro Generation V(a)


You have the same identical Ayre trio I have! Congratulations! I am happy I am not the only one!

(Michael Boustead) #1055

Streamer: Sonore UltraRendu
DAC: Mytek Brooklyn DAC+
Power Supply: Uptone JS2
Amp: Bel Canto 600 monoblock
Speakers: B&W 802 d3.

Listen to all lot of a old Jazz CD’s and Classical Chamber Music. Stream Qobuz. Its good.

Music and reading everything. No TV, no HBO, No Netflix.