What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(nsxelent) #1056

PS Audio DirectStream DAC w/Bridge II

(Nick Ryan) #1057

Audio GD Reference 10.2 fed from Ultra Rendu

(Andre Klap) #1058
  • Living room: SoTM 200 Ultra + Marantz HD-Dac1
  • Gym: Squeezebox Touch + Klipsch The Three
  • Bedroom: Squeezbox Classic

(Greg Thompson) #1059

I’m using a Google Chromecast with a Roon Nucleus. Still looking for a Roon Ready network streamer that covers me for:

  1. DSD256 over network
  2. Compact size for my shelf
  3. Minimal inputs and controls

(Henry) #1060

Why? You are ruling out a lot of good devices by specifying that number for DSD.

(Peter Galvin) #1061

Holo Audio Spring Kitsune’ level 3
Fed by mac mini with ripped CDs and running roon
Tidal service enabled.

(Greg Thompson) #1062

Because I buy Classical downloads from nativedsd.com in DSD256.

(Henry) #1063

Deserves the best treatment then. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Roger Dressler) #1064

Another vote for HDMI into Classe SSP-800. This lets me seamlessly include all my 5.1 music from SACD, DVD-Audio, and Blu-rays into the listening rotation.

(Patrick) #1065


Hi Peter,

What is your comment on the Holo Audio Spring Kitsune’ level 3?

Thank you.


Lampizator Atlantic Plus - balanced model with volume control and DSD 256 capability, superclock upgrade, jupiter output capacitor upgrade, Emission Labs 274B type rectifier tube. DAC was almost half price at £5000; total price has been £5583 with the various upgrades.

(Peter Galvin) #1067

I really can’t overemphasis how much I love this DAC.
It makes lower-res / compressed audio sound very good - very listenable instead of exposing its flaws.
It makes CD quality sound excellent / not digital while still revealing detail and keeping highs and lows (unlike tube, in my experience)
It makes high res sound insanely great - like vinyl but without the vinyl flaws.
In fact this dac has made me regret getting back into vinyl. If I’d had it a couple of years ago I probably wouldn’t have bothered getting a turntable and buying lots of lps.

So yah, I kinda like it :-).
Note that just announced is the Holo Audio Spring 2, for about the same price as the original. No one seems to sell off their Spring 1 used (so not much chance of getting one at a discount) so might as well go for the 2 unless you are in a hurry. Not clear if the 2 will get all of the levels of upgrades as the 1, so if interested check out the kitsune’ website. It’s worth giving them a call btw because they might have a refurbed or loaner available at a discount…

(Ivan Justesen) #1068

SMSL M100 being feed DSD512 from Roon Core

Bought at 81$ …

This has to be one of the best hifi-deals ever !

best sub 100$ DAC … 2019 — na ever :smiley:


I use the 780D2 as well! Sounds fantastic!

(Nazrin Sabli) #1070

Theta DsPro Generation V(a) retailed over 6kusd back in the Nineties.
Concero HD (as USB to SPDIF Bridge) retails 700usd.

playing PCM/Redbook only 24/48Khz

(Magnus) #1071

RME ADI-2 DAC ($1000), optical from computer

(Dan Schwartz) #1072

PS Audio DirectStream w/Bridge II, connected via network. I just DLed HQPlayer, and haven’t started exploring yet.

(Omar Jano) #1073

Hey man, I was wondering if you could provide me with good settings to use with the SP1000 for roon. I’m just using the SP1000SS as a DAC. I would appreciate your input!

(Scott Grossman) #1074

Have you upgraded the renderer to V2?
How would you compare sound through either the network renderer vs the Quad USB.
I have the Analog DAC with Quad USB and am considering the network renderer now that it is Roon certified.

(Tom) #1075

Hello Omar,

One of the nice things about the SP1000 is that you don’t have to touch it for it to sound good. I contacted A&K before regarding the EQ and other settings and that is what they told me about the unit. The EQ is meant for a studio engineer and really does not need to be used.

So bottom line I leave it alone and have never had the need to adjust anything. Sorry if that does not provide much help but that is one of the reasons I purchased the SP1000.