What databases does Roon search? (missing digital release data)

I am finding that my library has a lot of missing data for digital purchases from Bandcamp, or Bleep or similar. These releases would be considered to be ‘Digital Release’ but the search function in Roon finds only the vinyl release or nothing at all in some cases. The immediate question is what databases does Roon search, and the larger question is why aren’t digital releases included in it?

Rovi AllMusic is the main metadata source. @joel may be able to tell us more about Bandcamp etc.

What sort of information are you referring to? Everything I’ve bought from Bandcamp came already tagged.

Also talking about releases from Bleep.com. In fact nothing digital from bleep is in the database. That’s kind of frustrating since it’s my main source of music.

Two examples, of which there are many, Andrew Ashong - Flowers & Lindstrom - It’s Alright Between Us As It Is, both are unidentified and the only option is their vinyl release data.

Been roughly a month. Any update on this info? Or whether more databases will be included/etc?