What device should I use to control volume?

I have a ROON Nucleus > Chord HUGO TT (DAC) > ARC Ref2 MkII (PRE)> ATC (Amp)

I can set the volume with the Nucleus, the DAC or the PRE.

I’ve been told to avoid using the Nucleus for volume control.

Any suggestions?

In general run source and DAC at 100% and control volume downstream. Use your preamp.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I agree with you. I’m wondering if there is any exception here. The Chord HUGO TT runs as a pre-amp with XLR outputs. I’m listening to reference tracks in various combinations and your advice seems to be what works so far.

I too always run source and dac at 100% controlling volume in the preamp.

A decent quality pre-amp never makes things worse and usually makes them better.

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