What devices will play Qobuz 5.1 tracks using Roon and how do I play them?

I am trying to find a way to play Qobuz 5.1 files in 5.1 using Roon. What devices will do this for me?

HDMI from core device to an AVR is the least expensive method for MC assuming one already has the AVR in house.


The Eversolo DMP-A6 might well it can play mulitchannel DSD over HDMI so I imagine it should for flac.

I got a couple thousand results back when I searched on Amazon for “micro PC”. For example:

Limited-time deal: Bmax Mini PC Windows 11 Pro N4020(up to 2.8GHz) 6GB DDR4 128GB eMMC Mini Desktop Computer 4K USB 3.0 x4 HDMI VGA Dual Band WiFi RJ45 BT 4.2 Micro PC Mini Computer https://a.co/d/d4BeQSF

Get one of these and install Roon Bridge. You should be good to go. I’m doing something similar now.

I prefer much more a silent mini PC with Rock installed and using it’s HDMI out.

By the way: I’ve tested the Eversolo some months ago and I had some trouble with the HDMI out, which never occurs with other HDMI devices.
If you only have PCM resources (and there are only a few multichannel sources on Qobuz), there isn’t any need for the higher priced Eversolo.

I’m a Mac guy, so PC’s are really foreign to me.