What do the ✔️ symbols mean?

I see these :heavy_check_mark: symbols next to some tracks when playing an album. Previously played, maybe?

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It means that those tracks are “Picks”, which are meant to be the popular songs on that album. I think it is sourced from Roon’s metadata and you can change it / add your own, through the Edit function.


That’s interesting, thanks. I also notice that one may tap the :heavy_check_mark: next to the :heart: (next to Focus) and all the tracks are selected. Wonder why? There is a :heart: symbol for each track if you want it as a favorite.

You can choose to play those Picks if you don’t have favourites yet (say, you haven’t listened to the album before), but yes, there is a bit of redundancy between the two.


Can this feature be removed all together in settings? It’s of no interest to me

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I agree. Not sure why this is such a prominent feature now. It’s just annoying. Who decides what a ‘pick’ is anyway?

Valence, the modern-age Siri

Yes, an intrusive column added to the dispay that I’ve no interest. Looks like the whole reboot has been squarely aimed at streaming subscribers. My music source is from my own library - 40 odd years of purchasing, listening, ripping and occasionally downloading - I don’t need ‘random’ tracks highlighted, thank you

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As far as I am aware, this is not a new feature to 1.8. Those checks were there previously, as has the opportunity to play them.

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If it was it’s considerably more more prominant and intrusive now. Is Roon just aimed as a bolt on for Tidal subsribers now?

Roon sources information from Allmusic.com and musicbrainz, PICKS come from AllMusic and have nothing to do with Roon, they are just making this info available for you to enjoy, here’s some clips from the AllMusic.com webpage to explain what they are:

When looking at an artist’s discography, you may see a blue arrow with the AllMusic logo next to the album cover. That represents the Album Pick for the most representative album of that artist’s entire body of work. It may be a well-known hit album, a compilation of the artist’s best songs or just a really great record.

On specific album pages you may see that same blue logo and highlighting next to two or three tracks on a recording. Those are Track Picks, the songs on a recording that our editors feel are most representative of the entire album.

Every day our editorial team selects a different album to highlight on the home page of AllMusic. This may be a recent discovery, a time-honored classic or a buried treasure. Think of it as an “album of the day.”


I love the Allmusic (Steve Erlewine (sp?), Heather Phares, Matt Deming et al seem like thoughtful, tasteful, open-minded old friends now, as I’ve been reading their reviews since the site came online, what 20 years ago now?) and rely on them a lot for new album discovery, and only wish that 1.8 had not hidden their star-ratings when viewing the discography of an artist, since now I have to randomly open an album to read the review rather than look for the 4 and 5-* ones as jumping-off points. The “song picks” checkmark has also been quite useful when quickly checking out one of those albums.

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