What do you do when your computer sound system plays up?

Share the things you do when your sound system plays up. Either to fix it (successfully or not) or what you turn to in frustration.

I’ll start:


Remember to restart the Roon or RoonServer Core as well as any Remote or Control. Doesn’t hurt to also restart your DAC, microRendu or other chosen implement of torture.


Up until last night I was quite smug because my network has been stable and able for quite some time. Last night I began to skip tracks from Tidal with a track not available message. But selecting them manually they played with a bit of a delay. I restarted my ADSL router and the lag went away.

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Used to work with a guy like that.

When they called him in the middle of the night, he would tell them to run the job over. Of course, that didn’t work, but when they called him back he wouldn’t answer the phone.

So it goes.

Always start with a re-boot… Core, Router, endpoint Ethernet over mains units. Anything. :sunglasses:

For me a its a progression and escalation method.
First try it again
Then restart the program
The force kill the process and start it again
Then reboot
Then reboot EVERYTHING
Then shut it all off walk away, get a drink, count to one hundred
Restart it all and try it again
Then get another drink
Than reinstall the offending software

Some of the steps can happen a few times and there are variables (whiskey or tequila) :roll_eyes: