What do you uderstand under "search"?

I have been using Roon for two and a half years now. I have a local library and a subscription with Tidal.

Unsatisfied with my library version of Schubert’s pano trios by the Beaux-Arts Trio, I search Roon vor “Schubert piano trio”. I get a few albums, much more sonatas and impromptus than trios.

I switch to Tidal, where I enter the same search criteria. I get four times as many albums, mostly trios.

I suggest you try yourselves and evaluate the results.


Why don’t you go via Composition, select the Trio you’ll get all that Tidal has for that composition. Search including the word Schubert will return any albums containing Schubert hence the mess

Search matches on any words hence 3 , Schubert, Piano (hence sonatas),Trio ( non Schubert matches on trio)

It’s a blunt instrument there are more focussed ways

Composition works pretty well, thank you for the hint.