What does a Pink Volume Control mean?

I am getting a pink volume control when I select device volume in Roon, and hardware volume in Ropieee. Where is the volume trim happening? My Dac (Holo May KTE R2R) is not supposed to have volume control onboard. But I suspect that this is actually happening. It actually does volume trim.

I’m using a Stack Link II custom Ropieee endpoint into the May Dac.

Link volume pink


You have ‘Volume Control’ set to ‘hardware’, hence you have volume control.
If you don’t want that (because your DAC does not have that) set it to ‘None’.

But it actually works. So how does it work if my dac doesn’t have it? Where in the path is this happening?

Is it because you have volume limit comfort at 0? You’ve exceeded your comfort level is my guess.

Yes, the comfort level was at 0!. The volume slider is now black since I’ve changed it to 100.

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