What does ARC stand for?

I missed this — what does ARC stand for?


It think it must stand for something like “Access Roon Core”, but there’s an unfortunate clash with Audio Return Channel, American Red Cross, Amateur Radio Club, Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, and probably many, many more.


Perhaps “Arc de Triomphe”…?


Audio Remote Client?


297 :wink:

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I thought it was obvious:

Andybob’s Roon Core.


I wonder about that too. I could only think of HDMI ARC meaning Audio Return Channel, but that’s not functionally similar to Roon.

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There is another thread on this somewhere - I was thinking it is standing on the audio return channel theme, like Sonos Arc. However, @wklie, Peter, you do make a good point.

@Rugby @DaveN what say you on this?

It could mean any number of things, but an arc between two points seems like the most logical explanation.


I was thinking the same; the signal is “ARC-ing” from my core to my mobile device. Thanks, @DaveN!


Anthem/Arcam Room Correction rang two (audio related) bells for me :bell: :bell: as well as Automated Room Correction - which I would love to see Roon add :wink:

ARC - What does ARC stand for? The Free Dictionary linked prior it seems has gaggle of others it seems but then again just about any 3 letter acronym is going to have something if my initials are anything to go by.

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The old topic was closed, but i think I now know.

ARC = “Another Roon Client”

Anyone else have strong conviction?


I vote for Anywhere Roon Client.


I haven’t read them all, but did anyone mention “Access Roon Core”?

I found this meaning of arc on webster’s:

a continuous progression or line of development

dAnny’s Roon aChievement

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After reading all the ideas, this would be my vote, @Neil_Small, It was mentioned in one of the other threads. I still like Roon Mobile the best, because that is what it is, lol. :grinning:

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@Joshua_Nelson , of course any speculation is useless at this point. Roon isn’t changing the name now.

My two cents: “Mobile” is bad for two reasons. First, if I’m sitting in my office listening, with a dedicated device, I’m not “mobile”. Second, and most importantly, “Roon Mobile” sounds too much like another product. I can see it would easily confuse new subscribers wondering it they get the “whole package”.

If it is something along the lines of “Access Roon Core”, then they’re still marketing a complete solution for home, travel and office (and wherever else we choose to use it). To me, this is what matters most: less confusion and more subscribers (after all, their core product is “Core”). My best.

EDIT: one more. “Roon Mobile” conflicts with “Roon Remote” in so many ways. Remote runs in multiple platforms, and isn’t tied to a “mobile”. For that matter, we don’t know what the future may bring. I’m guessing there’s many subscribers starting to wonder when they can access Core (Roon Server) without having to use their iOS or Android mobile…

Indeed :point_up_2:; however I would like to know what Roon’s meaning is?

Good points, @Neil_Small !; don’t follow the below component -

Accessing the core in one location, while said core is in another, would be mobile, no? I’m not clear on what the meaning of a dedicated device is?

I suppose you can hook the iPhone, with the camera accessory, up to a dac/amp and get hires output. So could have a stationary 2nd setup. I’d still consider this mobile since the source is mobile.