What does "ban this track" mean in ARC?

in ARC, in the playing now window - when hitting the three dots in lower right corner - i am presented with various options, one of these is called: “ban this track”. Anyone knows what that exactly means?

I have been looking for these options: “remove from this playlist” and “remove from library”, but it seems like a lot of effort to remove a current song from the playlist and/or library. Is “ban this track” the solution for that?

thx, Jesper

Same as in regular Roon. A banned track (or album or artist) will never be played. Not by Roon radio but neither if you play an album or a playlist. (E.g., it’s usable if you don’t want to hear bonus tracks after the regular album ends)

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Thanks so much - i was afraid that it meant exactly that. I can see the good reasons for this function, but i am a little bit at a loss on how to quickly remove the current playing song from the playlist it is playing…?

And also how to remove the current playing song from the library…(of course i could use the “ban” button in this regard as a quick fix.

From the whole playlist or from the current play queue? For the queue, open the queue and remove or reorder it there:

For removing it from the playlist altogether:

  • On the regular remote, I think (am not at home to check) that you can go to the playlist via the track’s three-dot menu. You can also enable “playlist links on tracks” (or similar) in the Roon settings and then may be able to go to the playlist from there.
  • In ARC I don’t see an easy way. The only “remove from playlist” option that I find is when I go to the playlist in Library > Playlist. In the Queue and in the album’s track list, I only find an “add to playlist” option in the track’s menu, which adds it again. IMHO this is a bit of an oversight, but maybe I am missing something. As a workaround it might help to add tracks to a tag and delete them later.
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thanks, so this is confirming what i have thought - no easy way to remove a song from the playlist in arc. thx for the tip for the workaround though!

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