What does high res matters?


96/24 dynamik range 4!!!
I’ve auditioned it in comparison with my vinyl!
Desaster, vinyl was way better.
I’m a hardcore vinylista and love my Roon Nucleus for beeing super close and better as my analog player!
What is it worth to go with high res if they are of a dynamik range of 4or 5?
Plese enlight me, why I have to focus on high res?

Cheers, the not so serious

Talking Heads high res remasters all date, I believe, from the DVD-A push in the early to mid 2000s, which was arguably the peak overlap between high res and loudness wars. Not all high res releases are affected. But, yeah, screw high res that is notable only for dynamically squashing the original.


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As far as I am am concerned, the mastering chosen makes a much bigger difference in sound quality than does the bit depth and sample rate of the digital track or album. I have 24/192 content that sounds much worse than 16/44.1 content simply because of mastering choices.

I find Steve Hoffman’s forum (http://forums.stevehoffman.tv) to be an awesome resource for researching best digital masterings of a particular album.


that’s what I found out as well!
Will give Steve Hoffman’s forum a try

All hi-res releases are not created equal.