What Does NEW Mean?

As in: the New ribbon over the upper-left corner of newly imported album art.

IIRC, New used to mean: not listened to yet. But now, the New label goes away after about a week or so, listened to or not - I think? I would use that label to keep track of newly imported music I had not, yet enjoyed.

Now, I’m not sure how to replicate that behavior. With iTunes, I would simply create SmartPlaylists, based on the Play Count metadata. I don’t see anything like this in the Focus settings.

How can I see what I haven’t listened to?

Albums > focus > played in the last > all time

Now click on the green +played tag to turn it red and show never played. You can bookmark this screen to show this result at any time.

You can also select all, and apply a tag to those albums if you wish.


Perfect! Thanks.

Hi Brian,
Maybe stupid on my side but what do you mean with that?

I mean with selecting ‘all time’ there’s no ‘green +played tag’

Focus filters toggle between + and - if you click on those signs. When green and + the filter includes, when red and - it excludes. See here.

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Got it. Thanks!