What does "Staged" or “This user is no longer active” mean?

What does ‘this user is no longer active’ actually mean?

Apparently just that the topic was created through some other channel than the forum directly (I think through the support link in the app instead?) and therefore the forum doesn’t have a proper user account for it.

Odd. Should we infer then that the originator won’t see any replies? Or am I still missing something?

Hi @AndyR - I’ve moved your question out of a Support request thread into a topic of its own to reduce clutter in the thread.

I’m not sure where you are seeing “this user is no longer active”, can you post a screenshot.

I see “Staged” by the username. On this site it indicates that they have raised the support ticket via Roon’s Website and the topic was created by that system. However, they have not yet logged into the forum “proper” yet.

Discourse Staged User

A special placeholder account which is created automatically by the system for email integration

  • Automatically watches all messages it participates in and receives notifications of replies
  • Account may still register with the same email and “take over” the staged account.

Okey doke. I’m seeing ‘this user is no longer active’ when tapping/clicking on their avatar. I see it quite often, but have never been clear on its meaning. The obvious assumption is that they’ve given up and deleted their account, but…

For example…

Interesting - so I expect it’s because I’m a mod that I get to see a more accurate picture.


For now, I suggest you just ignore the confusing message…


I’ve amended the title in case I’m not the only one that’s thought ‘oh well’ and just moved on. The message I see certainly doesn’t encourage further posts.

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Discourse considers a staged user inactive, which is technically correct, but I agree that “This user is no longer active” is misleading.

I just updated it to read, “This user is staged or inactive. A staged user is a special placeholder account created automatically. Staged users still receive reply notifications for topics they participate in.”

I hope this clears things up!


@kevin, thanks for making the adjustment.

@AndyR, Could you revisit and post another screenshot of what you see know.

Thanks @kevin @Carl @Geoff_Coupe @Suedkiez

I’ll post what I see next time I find one… aiyer0501 is now active!

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Ah ha! That works. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @AndyR,
Excellent, thanks for confirming.

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