What does the "CD+" format icon mean?

So now that I have spent some time getting my library in order for Roon, I can start getting to the smaller issues I’ve come across. Some things are issues I consider to be problems and others will be where I see enhancements could be made. I hope to not wear out my welcome. :slight_smile:

My library is modest by some that I’ve seen reported: ~840 albums and ~12K tracks. Mostly CD rips, but some DSD (SACD rips) and some hi-res downloads. At this point I’m not into streaming services.

To the meat of the first topic: I seem to have one album that has a format of “CD+”. What’s that mean? I see nothing unusual when I go to the album’s page.


Google is your friend

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I also see this when I have mixed formats in an album in Roon. For example, my rip of the Pink Floyd album ‘Meddle’ has an extra track that I got from somewhere and added to the album. It happens to be an mp3. In any album browser view, the format of this album is displayed as ‘CD+’. When I look at that specific album I see ‘Mixed Track Formats’. Screenshots:

I don’t have any enhanced CDs in my collection, so not sure how that format is displayed in Roon. Cheers!

Interesting. Like you, I have an album with an added mp3 track, and just like yours, it shows as CD+.

Unfortunately not in this case …

CD+ in Roon context indicates a CD quality album but with some tracks being a different format.


FWIW, been using the internet before there was a world wide web. I’m only interested in what Roon thinks CD+ is.

I have no “extra” tracks in the folder with the album. However, this album came with 2 discs, both with the same songs. One in stereo, and one in mono. I converted the mono disc to be a single channel flac file (it saves a little space and both Roon and foobar2000 recognize it as mono recording that way).

So in this case it seems to be the “different format” aspect. All the tracks are “CD quality”.

Might be nice if it were documented what all the possibilities are for the format designator and what specifically they mean.

So far I’ve seen: “CD”, “CD+”, “CD MONO”, “bit-depth/sample-rate”, and “DSD*”

That’s interesting too, but not my case. When I bring up the album page, I get “FLAC 16/44” (or whatever specifically it says) since that’s what all my tracks are.

My other reply details what was different for my example.

Agreed, I did have a look in the Roon Knowledge Base but could find any documentation on this.

I also see it when I add albums that have different FLAC bitrate or sample rate, such as when there’s a 16/44 bonus track when the rest of the record is 24/96 or whatever.

Yes the + indicates various sample rates in the album

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