What does the “V” character mean?

In song 7 and 12, there is a “V” marked on the songs. The tracks are not marked by me and does not appear in my favorites.

That’s a Tick, and it means this it a pick track according to whoever reviews these albums. You can change these to suit your preferences but they do give people an ‘In’ if one is new to an artist.
You can also select to play, or not play picked tracks only…

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Thank you Chris. Do you know if Qobuz reviews tracks, and how can I remove the ticks?


The three dot menu to the right will reveal this screen where you can add or remove a Pick

With Bootleg albums we record at the LRB, I tick all the tracks except the Intro tracks, so selecting play Pick tracks plays the gig but leaves out the intros… very useful to me…


Intros included

Here I have selected only the Pick Tracks

According to the documentation, all the picks are based on AllMusic (TiVo/Rovi).

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Thank you SO much @Chrislayeruk ! :+1:t2: :muscle:t2:

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Thanks @BlackJack ! I’ll take a look at that.