What exactly is "original release date" and why is it almost always wrong?

No. The “Original Released” date for “Astral Weeks” is “Nov 1968”. But, the “Release Date” for the “Expanded Edition” is “30 Oct 2015”.


Oh darn. I meant it the other way. There should be no “original release date” AFTER “release date”. Sorry.

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Yeah you’d think, but all to often that’s not how it appears. Just see the example of a very recent album that I gave above. There are plenty like that in my library.

Yeah, there should be no original release date after the release date. But that is a problem with the metadata providers rather than with Roon. You can fix it in Roon yourself. I haven’t come across that problem myself and I’ve around 9500 albums.

Another thing - I have noticed that often, only the “release date” is populated. Usually that will equate to the original release date.

Hi @Stephan_Lachmuth (and everyone) — Thanks for the great feedback here.

Generally speaking, Release Date is the date this specific version of the album was released, and Original Release Date is when the album was originally released (this helps to clarify dates for re-releases, remasters, etc.).

Unfortunately some of the data we receive on these dates aren’t always accurate. Right now we mostly display this data “as-is” from our metadata sources, but we have some ideas about how to better decide when a date is good and when it is incorrect. I can’t make any specific promises as to timelines, but we hope to make things better in this area in the future.

Thanks again for all the great feedback!


Bumping this as I have a related question.

I have this set up as my preferred sorting method (original release date). However, I’m wondering if there’s a way to also show this as the default album date in the Discography overview?

Example: All this albums are release in the 80s and 90s (the band disbanded in 2001). It’s very annoying to see these dates. I have corrected it for the first 2 albums (I simply replaced the release date with the original date), but this is cumbersome and not ideal:

It already does this as far as I know but is dependant on the metadata being correct for both date fields, None of my discographies are sorted by release date (even though thats the option) they are all by Original release date as all my albums would be all over the place if they used release date as have lots of remasters, cd releases of 60’s70’s etc and they all display correctly. Release dates and Original dates are very different when I look in Roon.

If you check the individual albums metadata in Roon clicking on the album …menu and using edit what does it show for release date and original release date? If the same then thats the issue. If streaming service has incorrect metadata then it could easily throw out Roon.

looking in AllMusic the source its likely using to get Album Metadata they all show as those dates. So not much Roon can do if its sources are incorrect. @joel perhaps can add more on why this particular artists are all incorrect, looking in MusicBrainz they have correct Original release dates?

The original release date is as the name implies the first date a recording was released. For instance, Discogs lists 840 versions of the Beatles White Album with release dates from 1968 (original release date) to 2019. Obviously the first CD version will have a different release date than the original release date. Having said all that, yes the metadata is messed up and many original release dates are wrong.

What is the original release date for a cd that includes additional tracks that are not on the lp? Is it the date the lp was originally released? That’s not correct for the additional tracks. Is it the date the cd was released? Not correct for the tracks that were on the lp… What abiut a cd where the tracks have been remastered from the original lp or cd relaase? No wonder some “original dates” are confused.

A reissue with additional tracks is…a reissue. The original release date of that reissue is of course still the release date of the first issue, even though the additional tracks were not actually released then. You say “That’s not correct for the additional tracks.”, but this is metadata on album level, not on track level.

There is plenty of metadata that Roon’s metadata providers get wrong or that Roon ties together incorrectly. The screenshots in this thread are excellent examples. But there is so much that they get right. I have simply accepted that the curation issue of metadata databases will not be solved anytime this week or the next, so if I come across such an issue, I simply fix it right then and there. I think it is great that Roon allows you to correct the Original release date, Release date, Recording start date, Recording end date all by yourself. Lots of reissue do not have the original release date maintained, but for me that is the one that matters most. So whenever I come across such an omission, I add it myself.