What file size in Roon ARC?

How big files does Roon ARC create on my phone for a standard music CD?
Is there a “How to use” page where you can read about Roon ARC?
Which file formats can be used?
Does Roon ARC create everything itself such as file format, file type etc?
Can you set something yourself?
I’m going to buy a new phone so I need to know if my music collection will fit.
Grateful for answers

There are the same size as your original files they are just copies, any file Roon plays arc plays. It doesn’t convert them just copies them if your downloading them to the device. If your streaming from your core then you can set it to transcode based on you available bandwidth but these are not downloaded just streamed over the internet.

As @CrystalGipsy said regarding the download files.

Regarding ARC questions in general, this may be helpful:

[SOLVED] A big thank you for your help. Now I know how Roon ARC works👌[SOLVED]

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