What filters should be available?

I have been trying the different filters and noting what does and does not work.

I have been unable to use any of the EC modes with 4.15.2, PEBKAC 100% guaranteed.

I do not know what I should expect though. Given the following setup/configuration/combination of voodoo, what do I need to do to get EC modes working? As stands I get 2 seconds, then a pause, then 2 ad nauseum
4x Xeon@3.1Ghz w/32Gb RAM

half height matrox video card baby :fire: . (it’s a dell 1u rack mount)

What is currently working for me.


I believe it is using 1x Oversampling as I seem unable to get 2x working?!?

Thank you in advance.

Possibly EC modulators won’t work on that CPU, depending on it’s generation.

1x means source rates <= 50 kHz. Nx means source rates > 50 kHz.