What Happened To All My Favourite Threads?

OMG I turn up here tonight and all my favourite threads (especially the ones where people bitch at each other incessantly) are gone!!! How on earth am I going to spend my leisure time from now on??

Hopefully people will use this thread to hurl dogs’ abuse at Roon staff and regular users until normal service is resumed.

I look forward to hearing from y’all.

/sarc (obviously)


Don’t worry, they’ll be back. Given some people’s propensity to equate certain Roon changes to war crimes, it won’t take long for them to flourish again.
The mods are trimming some of the big ones down to help Forum performance.


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Auwe c’mon :smiley:

I replied with “Moderated” in response to the request for abuse. I thought that was funny :smiley: