What happened to artist\orchestra names?


I thought someone already brought it up but it seems I can’t find it anymore.
The name of orchestra and interpreters they all change for some reason recently.
Now we don’t have anymore the english translation but the ‘original’ name.

Is this gonna be fixed or should we fix it?


The original Pablo Casals it’s not an hyperlink anymore.
It’s a bit redundant here and it’s annoying that this thing happened to most of the 2956 classicalrecords I have in my collection…

Some other examples…

Anyone is experiencing this?

Hey @Andrea_Campi1 .

There have been some changes to remove inconsistencies in artist names, and to make some improvements based on questions and feedback from our large community of classical listeners.

For example:

  • Why do we have Wiener Philharmoniker in German, but Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in English?
  • Why do János Starker and Antonín Dvořák lose the diacritics on certain characters in their names?
  • Why are twenty one pilots, CHVRCHES, and deadmau5 not stylized as the artists intended?

Where possible, we are now going to prefer native language artist names where they are in Latin script. That means Berliner Philharmoniker rather than Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest rather than Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

However, we will retain Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky rather than the Cyrillic Пётр Ильич Чайковский. and Tōru Takemitsu rather than 武満徹 in native Japanese. Finally, if all we have is a non-Latin script name (e.g. for a K-Pop band), then that is what will be displayed; we’re not going to attempt transliteration (yet), but this is a future possibility.

Note that some of these Classical ensemble name changes in particular might be puzzling or unfamiliar at first, but the main goal of these changes is to introduce consistency. You are, of course, still free to make any edits you wish to artist names, and any existing edits will be honored.

I apologize for the delayed explanation and hope this helps to clarify what you’re seeing and our thought process.


Hi Jamie
I appreciate the reply and the intent to honour the “original” typography and spelling.
In this change,
1 Is the indexing system matching via ‘alternate’ spellings? This is particularly important where the record label (and accompanying Meta data) has an anglicized version.
2 Does this take into account where the composer/artist has changed their name during their own lifetime (Eg GF Handel)
3 Allowed for alternate spellings where the composer/artist is from a period where there is no standard spelling of their name (eg Peter Abaelard / Peter Abelard)
4 Allowed for exporting and reading of data in format where diacritics become problematic (eg XML in UTF-8 format) ?


@RalphH The simple answer is yes, we have alternate typography and spelling in our data model, but I’m not going to go into details.

The product is somewhat lagging here in terms of album artist / main performer display. It is our intention that, to use the OP’s example, where Pau Casals is credited as Pablo Casals, the latter will become a link to the former’s artist page and the Pau Casals link (under the current non-link Pablo Casals text) won’t be displayed.

It’s worth saying that there has always been a problem here (in Roon), not that that’s an excuse. There are as many Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra releases as Berliner Philharmoniker releases, so in the current product, half will always fail to match the canonical artist name (whatever we have it as).

We’ve already started conversations about how to make this right, but I can make no promises regarding timescales.

@jamie Thank you for the explanation!

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