What Happened to Editorial Ratings in Roon 1.8?! [Resolved]

One of the features I have really enjoyed about Roon up until now was the ability to see the editorial ratings of albums side by side with other albums on an artist’s page!

That feature seems to have been removed in Roon 1.8! WHY?! Or am I missing something?

I think if the Roon team was concerned about ‘muddying’ up the interface, they could include the option to show editorial rating for albums in the “Customize album display” section of the Settings.

I personally coveted that feature, and it is disappointing to see that there seems to be a shift in the direction of a greater emphasis on what is popular VS what is critically acclaimed.


Concerning editorial notations :
It would be great to be able to use the great new “Focus” feature on the artists page using notation as a criterion.

I really like using roon!
Keep improving it (and please make the editorial ratings more visible) !

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Have a question. Used to be I could see ratings for all albums of an artist and listen to someone new first based on ratings. Unless I missed something I can’t do that only see ratings on an album I choose. Am I missing something. If not this is a step back


Please bring back the ratings in the old style (star ratings)


An option to enable old rating system when comparing albums side by side would be great! I miss that already and used it daily.


Agreed. Ratings was the way I used to discover new albums among others. I miss the stars below albums.


I miss the album stars.


Amazing. For every feature I am glad was ditched, there is a crowd already wanting those back.

+2 - please bring them back


Some consistency would be nice. You can customize EVERY other attribute to display or not display for an album on the albums view, but you can’t get ratings? Yet they still display in the full album page? It makes no sense.

Just like it makes no sense why the Bookmarks button is in the top right everywhere except on a phone where it’s buried under a menu.


Well, it’s the problem with forcibly removing any feature. Chances are, if it was there, some people made use of it and removing it becomes a major inconvenience to them, even if others rejoice. The Roon team plays way too much with this. I understand not everything can be a toggle in the settings, but unless they have a clear picture that a feature is completely underused, it shouldn’t just be removed like that.


Please bring this back! Very, very useful when discovering a previous unknown artist!

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I mean they would have been better off removing star ratings altogether! Same with tags. If you make a feature you didn’t remove way harder to use, you failed. No amount of shine covers up those mistakes. I’m going to continue holding them accountable because these decisions defy the most basic, amateur levels of design and software development.

A lot of those ratings are a single person’s opinion, and I often disagreed with them (sometimes strongly). Now, you have a curated selection of albums based on other users’ preferences under each artist and genre. Maybe it will be a better gauge of an album’s merits (or maybe not…).


That’s only one way of looking at it. I have artists with hundreds of live shows that I rate. Why can’t I see them now at a glance? It certainly directed me to some better shows if I was looking for something to quickly toss on. Shouldn’t matter who the source of the rating is, whether or not it’s available to see on the albums page.


Fair point. If you go through all the effort of assigning your own ratings, I can understand why you would want to see them.

But see, that’s the problem with this release. I spent all the time creating tags, bookmarks, ratings. They didn’t eliminate any of these features, they just made them suck and barely useable. So which is it, they weren’t good features and should be removed? Or they are good features and they just don’t understand why making them harder wouldn’t be welcomed by users?


They made them less prominent. I would guess that the userbase is split as to whether that is a good or bad thing, depending on how you used them.

However, if they were there before, they can likely bring them back easily if that’s what people want.

[quote=“GKern, post:19, topic:141100, full:true”]
They made them less prominent. I would guess that the userbase is split as to whether that is a good or bad thing, depending on how you used them.

However, if they were there before, they can likely bring them back easily if that’s what people want.
[/quote]Disagree. It’s not about prominence per se. If I have to make 8 clicks to get to a page to remove a tag, you’ve stifled the functionality and wasted my time. If there were 4 ways to add or remove a single tag, and 2 ways to add/remove multiple tags, but now 1 way to do any of those tasks and it’s nowhere that you want to be, you carved out a good chunk of functionality related to the feature.


Sorry to be the outlier. I hated those stars. Hated. Them.

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