What happened to ElTel?

There are no posts from him since November ‘ 23

According to the forum, @ElTel was last seen 2 days ago.

Thank you. That got by me. I really enjoy him.


He’s from rural Victoria.

There are terrible floods in parts of Victoria, I literally drove through an area that is now underwater a few hours before it happened. My family and I were very lucky as the road flash flooded.

I know most of England is now underwater as well.
I remember having to drive home from Oxford to Swindon in the 2007 floods. My usual 45 minute journey took me 6 hours due to the floods.

I hope he and his family are safe.


Thank you. I did not connect the two but should have. I always look foward to his posts. Again, thank you for iffering a possible explanation.


Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. :laughing: Thank you for your concern and for the kind comments; I’m genuinely touched.

I’m almost back to full fitness after breaking my left tibia back in July. The gym rehab sessions continue as I inch closer to the finishing line.

I’ve not really had much of value to add to conversations of late, but I am dipping in and reading the odd thread here and there. Back around September of last year, I was made a moderator on another very busy audio site, which is one more reason for my recent run of poor attendance and participation on here. Most of the mod work there is related to reviewing and approving classified ads, new members and general housekeeping. There aren’t too many squabbles that require intervention on there.

We have not been affected by the flooding here in Woodend fortunately. I benefit from living close to the top of a hill too. We are very close to the source of the Campaspe River which has been the cause of much flood-related misery downstream. There have been isolated pockets of flooding locally but unrelated to the river, just storm rain that doesn’t drain off fast enough; it doesn’t appear to have affected any local property though.


I do recall the accident and fracture. My recall was that you attempted to block a train with your left leg.

Glad that someone had the wisdom to request you to be a moderator. I have felt that the chickens add to your credentials.