What happened to Roon Radio?

I consistently have been using Roon Radio to pick up after an album played. Yesterday I played a playlist I built to see if Roon Radio would pick up from that. It didn’t. I saw the message “Nothing Playing” when it ended. I figured oh well, I guess that won’t work.

Since that time, Roon Radio has stopped working when I play albums. Usually I would see a slider at the bottom of the queue that allows me to turn Roon Radio on and off. But that has totally disappeared. I looked in settings and didn’t see any Roon Radio options after a quick run-through.

What happened?


As I said, the Roon Radio slider (which your screen shot shows) has disappeared. Hence my question…

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It’s on the queue display.

That’s my problem folks – I know where it used to be and now it isn’t there. I found the radio reference in the “Play Actions” menu after posting my first message and it is there. Just for fun I moved its position thinking that would wake something up, but it didn’t.

The queue screen is reached via the icon just to the right of the next button.

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That is correct, click on it and it will bring up the screen as per Jim_F first picture and you can toggle Radio on or off right there.

Ah ha! That worked. I could get to the queue screen other ways but the radio control wasn’t there. But when I clicked on the icon you mentioned, I can now see it.

I like version 1.8 in many ways, but a lot of stuff seems well-hidden.

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He’s saying the Roon Radio toggle is not showing up. He needs to go into settings and turn it on as in my second posted image.

Yuh. I think that icon is the international symbol for queue, which means nobody in the world would know it means queue. I hate international symbols…

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I’ll give you another example. I have four rooms set up in Roon. If you click on the icon for Room A, you get a list of rooms. Click on Room B and you’ll see what is playing there. Long-press on the icon and you’ll get a menu that includes “Transfer Zone”. That’s a very obscure UI element. Once you know it’s there, you know it’s there. Finding it was not easy…

1.8 has been out a short time but I still don’t find it to be intuitive to do some things. Like the long-press thing, I’ll eventually commit actions to muscle memory. But I do think it could be much more intuitive. Nothing better than Roon, however.

No worries. It is a lot to swallow, for sure.
Enjoy the music @Michael_Glish !

Not sure if you’re staying I’m playing “gotcha”… I guess anything can be worded differently. But I disagree that it would have been more accurate to say, “How do I…?” I knew how to do it because I saw it all the time. Until I didn’t see it. So my very accurate title was “What happened to…?”

I think somehow either a) I accidentally turned it off because I was playing around trying to figure out how to do something else or b) there is a bug. I’m voting “bug”.

My editorial comment about your editorial comment is that the bane of my experience with user communities is when a person asks a question and someone smarter makes fun of the person asking the question because he/she didn’t ask just the right way.


I think it was just turned off with the update.
Default used to be always on but when I updated to 1.8. I noticed it was turned off and I know I did not do it.
Don’t think I would call it a bug just maybe a change of default to off rather than on?

There are two kinds of bugs in software. We typically think of a bug as when a feature doesn’t work correctly. The other kind of bug is a design error. If Roon developers designed their software to turn off the Roon Radio when the software is updated, then they made a mistake IMHO.

I did have Roon Radio after upgrading. The control that had always been there mysteriously disappeared in the last 48 hours.

Bugs are when it doesn’t work as intended. Design choices are just that.

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My BMW has loads of auto functions and safety but defaults are off and user turns on.
The wife’s BMW is 2 years newer and the exact same auto functions and safety are default on with user option to turn off.
That’s a design change not a bug IMHO.
There probably is no right or wrong.

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This is my point of view which would lead me to declare this to be a design defect if in fact defaults are reset when updating the software. I agree that when a product ships that it’s a coin toss how to set defaults. However, when a user picks configuration options because it works better for them, then software updates should respect that and leave them alone. If the software resets defaults, then the user has to remember how they set them – which they may not have perfect memory of.

I use a photo editor that does this and it really irritates me. I wrote their support group to ask what happened to my configuration. Oh, they said – you’re supposed to save your configuration first. Maybe a complex product is so complex that retaining configuration options is too difficult. Fair enough. But somehow the poor slob who spent the time configuring the product to his/her liking should be warned.

My two cents…

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Is ROON radio in the meantime finally able to play base recommendations on a selected playlist?