What happened with DSD?

A few weeks back I compared PCM with DSD up-sampling and decided that they where pretty equal so I stuck with PCM. But now, with Roon 1.5, I hear a quite big difference. DSD sounds more detailed and musical.

Since I compared DSD with PCM last time, I also got a USBridge between my DAC (Pro-Ject Pre Box S2) and computer, which might have an influence (but should not).

Anyone else experienced something similar?

Not with DSD (my DAC upsamples everything to 20x DSD so I don’t upsample in Roon) but with streaming radio stations. The high bit rate streams sound better to me with 1.5 than 1.4. Smoother, and especially better imaging by far. The CPU utilization on my ROCK machine is also much higher with most but not all of the streams.

Further RAAT optimizations perhaps?

What is your DAC (that upsamples everything to 20x DSd)?

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