What happens to "Added date" after I temporarily sign out?

If I sign out from my currently configured Tidal account in Roon and then sign back into the same Tidal account would I lose the history of the “Added date” for all the albums I added over the years in Tidal?

I tried many times disabling/re-enabling my Tidal account in Roon, and the albums reappear perfectly preserving the correct “Added date” information… However, I never tried completely signing out of my Tidal account in Roon and then signing back in…

Can someone let me know what would happen to the “Added date” info then?

You should be fine.
I have totally signed out of Tidal many times.
Date added order does not change


+1 on what @AceRimmer said.

Your Library, including Tidal and Qobuz, is part of the Roon Database and so remains unaffected by signing in and out. Obviously, as you’ve found out, disabling or signing out means that Roon no longer displays the streamed albums. This is because you no longer have permission to stream them. Signing back in will restore things to just as they were.

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Ok, thanks for all the responses… Just needed the confirmation before I go ahead, would hate to have a large number of albums I saved years ago suddenly pop up at the top of the list of newly added albums… I was not sure whey there are two options, disable and sign out…