What happens when I start deleting dupes?

I’m about to run my dupe program. If I find a few thousand of them how do I force a Roon update so I don’t have errors?

On a side note how do I force a software update? It says I need one but hasn’t done it.


Settings>Storage>‘three dots’>Force Rescan

Probably a good idea to stop running Roon while you are making big changes to your library. THAT could cause problems by itself.
If you stop Roon (and you should), Roon will probably do the rescan when you reboot. So don’t be surprised if that goes on when you restart.

Thanks for the heads up. I don’t know if I’d call it making major changes vs just adding everything. I was using Databit’s Drivepool but wanted to give Windows Storage Spaces a try with a disk in parity mode. Honestly I’ve been very impressed with it. Just pushed about 1.2TB to it from my desktop of all the FLAC files I had saved on it. It’s a 4 core/8thread ryzen 3400g so I set it to FAST and have 2 cores going for now. Seems to be holding pretty steady. Before I was dealing with pulling the 1TB over to my desktop to build the storage pool with windows so server was showing everything as missing and really struggling. I just deleted it and reinstalled and it seems to be going well. I also purchased SongKong pro today and going to be interested to see what it does with it’s Roon setting as well as metadata gathering (and dupes).

I’m also SongKonging my music library and will then use it to see how well it removes duplicates. I’m going to delete the Roon Library files and and effectively perform a clean install after I’ve improved my music library.

A little confused by the songkong settings. Are you using the Roon profile? I see these options with additional metadata but not sure how that compares to Roon or if it will mess up Roon

I’ve left the setting alone and just gone with the Roon specific profile for now.

Had I been a little smarter I would have experimented with the settings on a small library and learnt a bit more :frowning: