What hardware do I need for upsampling in ROCK

As the title states, how much power would I need for my ROCK server to upsample, say 44.1KHz PCM to DSD256/512?
I have had good success with running ROCK on an older Thinkpad with 2C/4T i5 4300U but it doesn’t have a lot of computing power, resampling DSD64 to PCM already drops it to ~x4.5 so I was thinking about something more powerful that would run only when needed, think maybe a dirt cheap HP Z800 with 12C/24T hidden in the attic or something similar.

Before thinking about power, you should spend time investigating whether ROCK or the endpoint you are using can actually run your DAC at 512. Running 512 requires drivers which don’t exist for the most part on Linux. While some manufacturer’s work to make a Linux setup compatible, it is done on a DAC by DAC basis. Which DAC are you using?

I have a SoTM 200 Ultra Neo, DSD compatibility shouldn’t be a problem, same for the DAC (either Amanero384 or XMOS).
I can run ROON server from Windows if needed, just curious how much power would i need for upsampling as downsampling DSD64 to PCM already eats up most of CPU’s power.

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