What HAT dac do you recommend?

hi audiophiles, i use a raspberry pi 4 with volumio and INNOMAKER HAT DAC which no longer works.
I would like to know which HAT DAC do you recommend, since with my dac NX4 DSD via USB there is not much clear sound, full of details as it is with a HAT, how is the Allo DigiOne?
what I want is to have those details as I did with my previous hat dac, I await your comments, thank you.

If you still have not bought a DAC HAT, the HiFiBerry DAC2 HD is one of the best sounding HATs that I’ve tried. And, if you’re reading this today, you can pick one up for $20 off with this code:

If shipping costs eat up all of that $20, I got mine from PiShop.us

Either way, you can’t go wrong with this DAC. Now, it has no support for DSD or MQA, but like many here, I’ve discovered that it’s better to have a great sounding DAC than one that supports every possible format. Roon will take care of MQA Core Decoding and any format conversions that are necessary. Enjoy.

I make one of the highest performance hats on the market, here is the link: