What HI-Fi 50 Albums for Audiophiles

Interesting list, 19 for 50. Polarizing on sound quality for me though. Random Access Memory, The Boatman’s Call, Songs for the Deaf, and Deloused in the Comatorium are all favorites that I know very well. Random Access Memory and The Boatman’s Call both sound great, Songs for the Deaf…meh, Deloused in the Comatorium would not have even been a consideration for sound…but the music is fantastic.

I only started listening to Mogwai about 18 months ago and they’ve been a wonderful discovery. The album I keep coming back to is “Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will”, possibly because the title puts me into a defiantly optimistic mood for some reason.


Not counting those that have been recommended (here, or in lists like this), and i have listened to on Tidal or Spotify and rejected/deleted.

I have 8 out of 50. There are some in that list that I have listened to and did not like. Also a few that I have not listened to, but would like to try. There are a few in the list that I wonder why they are there. Blackstar is a very significant album, but I don’t think the sound quality is anything special. There are a few others like that in the list as well. But at least there is no Diana Krall. :slight_smile:

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The problem with all such ‘Best Of…’ lists, whatever the remit for the list is in the first place, is that the albums that make the list must have been heard or come to the attention of the list compiler(s). How many albums are out there that are more deserving…? (Rhetorical question). It does however give music lovers the opportunity to go through the listing and select for future listening entries that they may enjoy.

FWIW my score was 5, but I will be giving some others on the list a listen.

I’ve made a Tidal playlist of this:

It should be 591 tracks. But you may only get the first 100. I’m nor sure if there is some limitations when sharing playlists.

Add it to favorites in Tidal, and it will show up in Roon.

I did not find this album in Tidal:
Lubomyr Melnyk – Rivers & Streams


Thanks, a great favor.

I come at this suspicious as a curmudgeon, based on previous experience (Darko’s and his readers’ lists), but you never learn if you don’t try.

If you find even one new thing you like then it’s a win. Nothing and the curmudgeon hypothesis remains open …

Thank You. I think the 100 tracks is how it scrolls in a browser, the first 100 show then more load afterward. All 591 show though some of the tracks show as unavailable here in the UK.

Thanks for confirming.

Quite a broad list
I have 12
Always enjoy best of lists, usually discover something to add from Tidal

I have 18 but not sure I’d agree that even some of those are audio greats.

That’s a great list. At least for music discovery and getting started on things we are not familiar with.

Speaking of which, which service / forum / site you guys use for music discovery?

I guess I expected a list of what “The Computer Audiophile” Chris Connaker recently described as “the latest quad DSD or 24/384 recording of a guy beating tree trunks with Japanese urushi drumsticks”. This is just a list of albums someone happens to like! I don’t disagree, got 30 or so in my collection not counting Tidal, but most I would not classify as audiophile recordings. Dr. Dre 2001? Man , I love that album but it is seriously compromised in audio terms… ditto the recent Thundercat… and I have a high tolernace for that kind of compression, as a devoted fan of rap music and the type of person Tidal “Rising” is made for.

I will say, Aphex Twin is underrated as system demo material. It’s that rare combination of quality mastering and brutally punishing sound…and of course analog equipment abounds.

I will say I appreciate What Hi-Fi for using stuff like, say, Major Lazer in their equipment reviews. I shouldn’t hate.

I find new music from Live Music, also what are the bands I enjoy listening to.
We hosted Lauren Housley and she put me on to The Tedischi Trucks Band. The Worry Dolls put me onto Lori McKenna and so it goes.

Hi to everybody! In my humble opinion this top list is really biased, so few blues singers, poor classic choices… Just my two cent of course :slight_smile:

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I have 31 of these. I might have a few more, but as I’m not sure they are not very often played and will not be counted. Good to see a list with some fresh choices, but I agree that a lot of amazing recordings have been left out here in favor of some new and “exciting” records. To each his own, and lists like this will always be biased.

I have only one on this list, the Mingus album (which I don’t like very much). Must also confess I’ve never even heard of more than half of the albums on the list… I am probably a dinosaur

I have 28. As long as these lists are not presented as THE list, i.e. dogmatically, then I think they have some value. We don’t get to hang out at the record store like we used to (for one, there aren’t as many, for two, I don’t have time like I did in high school), so this is just a way of sharing some ideas.

And this is the glory of Roon/Tidal. I can actually sit down with this list and listen to whole songs and albums immediately, that I’d never heard. A much better experience than listening to short samples from Amazon!

I’ve been wondering about the general musical tastes of audiophiles, and especially about the musical tastes of the Roon fans. Looks like Rock is less prevalent with Roon fans relative to society generally. That’s not a value judgment, just a point of interest.