What I would have liked in Roon 1.7

This thread is for people to tell the devs what they wanted to see in Roon 1.7 but wasn’t there.

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Mobile Roon. Back to Plex for me.


Nothing new for for managing playlists and syncing them to mobile devices?

The 1.6 emergency patch to the now playing display fiasco is still the same, no update.

Some artist photos still show cutoff heads

Still does horizontal scrolling.

Doesn’t show format/bit depth/sampling rate on the now playing display on Windows control clients.

Still using antiquated, hard to read serif fonts on the artist/album info displays.

Android app still doesn’t work in portrait mode.

Radio start at end of queue seems to be working, so that was fixed?

Remote connection to core and streaming please.
I know you’ve been working on this and I seriously can’t wait. Hope it won’t be long now.


All the new changes seem good, though none in particular stand out for my use. However what is very noticeable to me are the absence of two extremely long running and very popular requests that have been “on the roadmap” for years…

Some kind of offline sync for mobile devices or streaming remote access to your home music library. This is the one single thing I want from Roon… that Plex offers for free…

And the selectable option for vertical or horizontal scrolling:


Is there any sign they’ve been working on remote connection or streaming? I haven’t seen any…

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Yep, remote access and mobile sync of some sort for me as well. I fired up Roon today for the first time in a year and got today’s update. Nothing new of interest to me.


Where is the ability to add my own reviews, bios, notes, etc to each album? Or links?

Such a shame you promise this but let us down. I don’t see much different other than cosmetics…

Airplay 2 built-in

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Hugely disappointed that I still cannot enter my own reviews, bios, links, etc. Such a let down…


Still no support for Portrait in iPad Pro 11inch? … sigh I had such high hopes…


Nothing but a roadmap what we can expect next. So I can plan, if I’ve to invest into a bridge to workaround missing stuff like sync. I can wait some months but not 3 years.

App UX experienced like Spotify, Tidal etc
Room correction

Here is what I am missing:

  • Support for VST plugins, or at the very least better support for using an external VST host (audio endpoint in/out to patch it in, or similar)
  • Better up-sampling, should not need to use external software to get best up-sampling
  • Suggest radio stations based on what you like to listen to.

Still sorely missing:

  • Mobile Access to Roon — at least make VPN access easier and less flaky!
  • iPad Portrait Mode (10.5 inch)
  • persistent zone combos

It’s a little thing but I love the new zone icons. Nice touch!

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It does - you just need to configure the Now Playing screen…


As many have said in the past
We are almost at 2020
Almost EVERY app in the universe allows for portrait mode
Still no portrait on iPads
absolutely hard to believe

See that now. Thx!

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BOXSET management
BOXSET management
BOXSET management
BOXSET management

and and integrated pdf reader (issuu or equivalent)


DAC support on Android.