What internet speed is needed for Roon ARC

I’m spending a long weekend in a hotel and I brought a Bluesound Pulse M to use with Roon ARC over Bluetooth.
It works fine with my Galaxy Note 20 G5, but Roon ARC will not play on my Galaxy S8 tab because of a poor internet connection.
I’m getting 3 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up, both on the phone and on the tablet.
Playing Youtube videos works fine on the tablet.

What are you ARC-streaming? Local (home) files or Tidal from cloud? If local files you need some upload(!) bandwidth of your home internet feed.

I’m just streaming Tidal.

Tidal is streamed directly from the Tidal server to ARC, not through your core. In this case, the core is only involved in authentication and database operations, so you don’t need a fast one.

However, even when streaming local files from the core at CD quality, it would not need more than 1-2 Mbps upload from the core. Few people don’t have that. (More needed for hires, but even for that 5-10 up should be fine, again most people have that)

My core is on a cable connection 300 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up.

that’s more than easily enough