What is check mark for?

I noticed when looking through albums, some of them have a check mark on them and some of the tracks on those albums have check marks. What’s the check mark mean?

Check out this knowledge base article.

Cheers, Greg

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I’m not an expert yet (new user) but i think it is recommended tracks and albums.

And it will let you play an album of just those checked tracks, which is a GREAT feature!

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

Found it - the “Picks” icon was removed when my client app migrated from 1.7 to 1.8. I was able to find it in the settings and turn it back on.

Ideally, settings should be retained when updating versions.

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look: settings - general - customize album display - edit - show album pick badge - on/off

That’s for the album icons but the check marks on tracks are actually something different. I’m still not sure what they are?

From the KB article linked above …

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Thanks. On that note, I’m going to go listen to Boz Skaggs. :slight_smile:


Sort of off topic, but…

I knew about picks but didn’t think much about them, assuming they would be picks by snobby/elitist music critics or something.

But I’ve been playing around with them recently. With the new way focus works (which I’ve griped about) you can list all tracks, focus on picks, and add criteria such as genre and/or decade, and generate some pretty great playback queues.

Some bring back great nostalgic memories, some pique interest in forgotten artists/albums, and some just make you get up and dance.

Try it. You’ll like it.

(Also, I’m not aware of any other software that can do this or do it this easily.)


I have seen this question many times here and on the Naim forum. I suggest that Roon add an explanation when clicking on or hovering over the pick.


Is there any way to get rid of the checkmark feature (in album view) completely?

Can you please get rid of the check marks? These are useless and distracting. Cheers.

Ok, I read your knowledge base article, and I really don’t need All Music to tell me what tracks are “standouts”. Maybe some people do, but I’ll just listen and decide for myself…the checkmark telling me what songs are good really bugs me. Like, really…can I check a box for “irritating”?

Unfortunately with Roon you can customise some options but not others. For me the check marks are not obvious in terms of their intended function and add clutter, but other users might like them. I would like to disable these along with all the new stats/graph clutter on the home page, and introduce more optionality throughout so each user gets to choose the elements they want.