What is format 24/192+?

I’ve ripped Neil Young’s Archives Blu-ray audio (all 10 discs!!) as 24/192. I notice in Roon that the album format is being shown as “24/192+”. What does the “+” signify?

Also, none of these files play to my PS Audio Bridge II using DNLA/UPNP Android device. However, Roon plays them via USB to my PS Audio Directstream just fine.

What is the “+” on these files? AND how should I have converted them from WAV to FLAC to get just “24/192”?

I think I have the answer. It appears to indicate mixed formats within the album. Disc 10 is 24/96!

Hmm… Interesting. Also ripped the BluRay’s and used DVDAudio Extractor, but mine show as regular 24/192, so no + sign.

How did you rip them?

Ahh, OK. True forgot about that.

I have disc 10 seperate from the set, so that is why I have no + sign.

“24/192” is the highest quality format track on the album, and the “+” means that there are other formats present, too.

We are trying to pack a lot of information into a small space, and this situation is extremely rare. There isn’t enough display real-estate to list multiple formats (imagine if there were a different format on each track), so we went with the “+”.