What is included with the Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

I want to purchase a Nucleus (not Plus) and then add an SSD drive to it.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired network, 1Gb Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

USB-connected Ayre QB9 Twenty

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Currently about 800 albums

Description of Issue

I have read the instructions for installing an internal drive into the Nucleus. I have some questions:

  1. Will there be rails and silver screws inside the new unit? Note the instructions say these items “may” be included. I am looking for confirmation that they “are” included. If they are not, where and how do I get them?
  2. I do not see a supported list of drives anywhere on the site, so I’ll ask specifically about the one I would prefer to use: Samsung MZ-77E4T0B/AM which is a 4TB SSD with SATA3 6G interface.
  3. Is the Nucleus that will be delivered to me a Rev B, i.e., are you still shipping Rev A devices?


That is the SSD I’ve had in my NUC/Rock for almost a year now after upgrading from the 1 TB version. No reason it wouldn’t work in the Nucleus +.

Someone else will likely respond with answers to the other questions.

The Nucleus (not plus) I received was a Rev B.

Rails were preinstalled, and a package of four M3x5 screws to attach the drive to the rails was included.

The drive installation was easy. Instead of five screws holding the cover there were four. The drive bay was completely separated from the circuits. A SATA cable was anchored to the chassis. I had to first unscrew the rails from the chassis and use the supplied screws to attach the rails to the Samsung drive mentioned above. then I had to connect the cable to the drive. Mounting the drive rails to the chassis required a magnetic Philips screwdriver because otherwise there was insufficient room to reach in and place the screws on one of the rails.

Before I installed the drive, I unpackaged the Nucleus, connected it to wired Ethernet and power, and updated the firmware. In my case this was necessary because the firmware was behind quite a number of versions. Then I installed the drive. Following the instructions (I was migrating my Roon core), I was using Roon on my MacBook. I was able to see the Samsung drive using macOS Finder. I saw the make and model and the amount of space on the drive.

Thanks Mike_LC for confirming that the drive would work.

I wish the hardware info on the Roon core in Settings/About included drive information but it does not. I saw this information during initial setup but have been unable to see it since.

My Nucleus+ (Rev A) did have the rails installed, but no screws to mount the drive was supplied. To me this seems slightly random (seems to depend on the mood of the one assembling the device). I think production should ensure to have the same stuff mounted and accessories supplied with all devices.

Check the Nucleus WEB UI to see the available space for the drive.

Thanks, that worked.

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