What is ROCK? How does it help me?

Although billed as a primer in your postings I have no idea what rock is and what it does. Could you please go back to the very very basics and let us know what rock is and how it improves sound quality etc. I’m sure other computer illiterates like me would also be very interested

All about ROCK: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_Optimized_Core_Kit

If your hands are itching to get down to business afterwards: https://kb.roonlabs.com/ROCK:_Getting_Started

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You might also find this an illuminating read:

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maybe OT, but CA about Innuos: ‘awesome’. http://www.thenexttrack.com/♫-episode-55-chris-connaker-shares-his-favorites-from-the-munich-high-end-audio-show/ For me it’s more and more confusing.

ROCK is the brain, but other machines (Nucleus) can too…

… and don’t forget, Warren, that ROCK is not about sound quality - it’s simply a self contained Roon Operating System.

Why is it confusing? It seems clear enough to me. ROCK is a software package, comprising a minimal OS and Roon Server, designed for those who want to build a Roon Server appliance using Intel NUC hardware.

Roon Labs also make the software available to third party music server manufacturers for them to produce their own Roon Ready music servers.

Lastly, Roon Labs are going to be bringing their own turnkey Roon music servers to the market later this year with their two Nucleus models…

The Verge’s Walt Mossberg: ‘if it’s too complicated, it’s not your fault’!