What is Roon doing for a new generation of USERS who are DJ's, producers and artists?

Hi Roon and the community,

I am a new user of Roon and have a Nucleus set up this weekend so very much just leaning the new software release and experimenting.

Being an artist and DJ I am a heavy user of itunes, Rekordbox, Beatport, Tidal and Spotify. What strikes me instantly is your bias to a traditional user base of music consumers. Nothing wrong with this in general but there is a whole generation of bedroom producers, hobby DJ’s and professional artists looking for a better way to organise their music collections. This is a massive market of over $400million dollars in the US alone and yet you have no provision for us as a user.

Beatport has sold over 260 million digital tracks! In my opinion this is the new emerging market and probably some of the only consumers buying new digital music regularly preferring it over streaming alternatives.

So my FEATURE REQUEST’s to make Roon a complete package is:

-Sort by BPM
-Remix Artist
-Track Key
-Pioneer DJ Rekordbox Playlist integration

I believe if you can open your self up to a new younger generation of users who still buy music you will be able to offer a viable alternative iTunes which is still the primary organisation tool for professional DJ’s.

How about it, what do you think?

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Hi and Welcome, :slight_smile:

I’m with you here too, not a big fan of Qobuz or Tidal, but i have Qobuz its the better of the two.
My genre of music is what you’d find on:


Qobuz does have the most out the two services BUT i simply carry my own local library which is probably the best way anyhow as its the best way to support the artists.


bpm, key and speed sync would be great.
two tracks playing to the same output with a crossfader would be sufficient to get going.

As this thread has been revived, I’d like to commend Bleep as well. Set up by Warp Records and containing a large and varied catalogue of downloads to buy. Well worth a visit.


removing my vote due to no movement here. but i still support the bpm feature