What is Roon Remote?

Boy - I hate to sound dim, but I have been a happily running Roon on my iPad and iPhones for - well - a long time.

Yesterday I get an email advertising Roon Remote? Can someone point me to what it is please, and offer an explanation of why I would want to run it rather than just the Roon app, please?


You are running roon remote…this is just the same thing as you run on android or iOS devices for amazon devices

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Roon remote turns an ipad, iphone, android into a remote controller. You can complete many functions through the controller (remote).

Ah thank you - I read the blurb and it talked about iOS and other devices, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how it was different than, or why I would want it instead of the Roon app that runs fine on iOS now.


On your core machine, you need to toggle the switch to allow remotes. Here a picture.

Settings> Setup> Accept connections from remotes

I don’t seem to have that setting, either on the core machine or on a client machine that will show the same settings. Yet, my iPhones and iPads connect and work just great. Have for years.

What am I missing?

Not sure why it doesn’t come on yours. That setting is from my imac computer desktop where my Roon core is housed. The ipad doesn’t have the option selectable/available.

Maybe its a imac thing…?

I suspect it only shows up when you have the full Roon software installed on a PC/Mac and you’re using the Core in that installation. That setting does not appear on my ROCK Core, nor will it appear, I suspect, on a Nucleus.

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We are drifting offtopic a little here … but to clarify …

If Roon Server is installed (typically when Roon does not support a GUI on that device) then the option to change the core setting “allow remote connections” is omitted as it must always be enabled as there is no other way to control the Core.

Maybe it would make sense to still display the option but greyed out … but then I guess someone would ask why they can’t change it :wink: