What is scrobbling to last.fm?

@andybob, thank you–this is what I was looking for–but didn’t find. Moving my efforts over there in the form of liking this feature request.

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Hi, just adding some news about Last.fm here:

There is a new support forum also powered by Discourse with the important official announcements and FAQs copied from the last forum on Get Satisfaction. As I was just editing “More ways to scrobble”, I also added Roon there after learning that scrobbling is already implemented internally. :+1:

This thread started with some questions about Last.fm recommendations being usable in Roon. Last.fm offers direct playback of its content (e.g. their personalised radios Library, Mix and Recommendations) via YouTube for free and via Spotify which affords a Premium account there and only works in the Spotify desktop app. You can still send it to other devices with Spotify Connect then, e.g. your mobile phone with a Spotify app.

Recently the Playlist feature has been brought back from the old site before 2015, so you can access your old playlists and create new ones e.g. from your personal radio stations with a related template. These playlists can also be exported to Spotify and Apple Music, YouTube export is planned, and you can import playlists from them as well. This means that your Last.fm recommendations are available as a playlist then and could be converted with related tools like Soundiiz or TuneMyMusic to other streaming sites like Tidal and Qobuz which are available in Roon or Deezer which also offers lossless FLAC streaming, but is not yet available in Roon. All three can also scrobble by themselves, so you might get duplicate scrobbles if you enable both scrobbling methods in Roon and the individual streaming site.

Related to the new Playlist feature you can also add playlinks to Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube (Music) now on all Last.fm track pages which makes sense if you want to create a new playlist and export it afterwards, so you can check the track availability for your region in advance and add it if missing.

Your personal recommendations can also be checked and edited/dismissed on the new Music page, the version on your home page is outdated and will be replaced in the future. An introduction to Last.fm for new users is available on the About pages, e.g. Track My Music, see the site footer for links, as I am not allowed to add more yet.

DI radio stations can be scrobbled in your browser with the Web Scrobbler browser extension, so there is an indirect way of realising that, see this related Reddit posting by Last.fm’s community manager. If everything else fails, you can always manually scrobble songs with online or Windows desktop tools like Universal Scrobbler, Open Scrobbler and Last.fm Scrubbler.

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