What is spec diff Between nucleus and nucleus plus?

Your website shows a diff in price and a comment about upscaling limitations and thats it. Any other diffs? Where is this info???

I’ve removed the specs @ged_hickman1 posted as they arent correct.

We shipped with those specs long ago but we’ve had multiple new configurations since then.

The thing we test for: library size, multiple zones support, and dsp capabilities. Hardware specs change, but capabilities don’t.

Those capabilities are posted at roonlabs.com/nucleus

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Thank you, however, I am interested in spec diffs between nucleus and nucleus plus. Also, nucleus does say there are upscaling limitations, possible to clarify what this means?

we do not say there are ‘upscaling limitations’… unsure where you are reading that… we say this:

Sorry, I meant upsampling. What does this mean?
Also, what type of processor is used? And size diff between processors where I assume nucleus + is more powerful?

Also, size of ram too.


Upsampling: https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/dsp-engine-sample-rate-conversion

And the Nucleus is a Roon appliance. If I buy a microwave oven to cook my food, I would be interested in the specs of its cooking functions, not in the specs of the CPU or the RAM used in it… :slightly_smiling_face:

@richard_a, in general with processors, we use carefully chosen i3 and i7 CPUs (chosen for performance and TDP). They are thermally managed using our own processes, which impacts their performance some, but lengthens their lifespan quite a bit. This was critical in a passively cooled device.

Between the 2 units, the Nucleus+ has a faster CPU and has more RAM, and more complex thermal management.

@richard_a this is the bit from that web page that applies to you as I believe you have bought a Chord upscaler.

You paid for some really great hardware that has its own DSP/upsampling

Hardware manufacturers are in a unique position to produce DSP that is tuned to their gear. If you paid for it, use it!

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