What is the best way to integrate DIRAC Live into LSX II?

I plan on setting the internal DSP in the LSX II’s to default and running Dirac Live somewhere in the chain. Having the ability to see the DSP stuff the KEF’s are doing in the Signal path in Roon is kind of cool, and I’ll lose that, but whatever.
I looked at REW options but they don’t offer the same level of room correction as DIRAC Live it seems.
So what is the best way to feed the KEFs a signal that’s DIRAC Live adjusted without losing Roon Ready goodness as much as possible (if possible).
I’m also open to the notion that I should just do REW and have MUSE correct the curve and call it a day, and thus keep the Roon Readyness of the KEFs as is (just set the DSP on the KEFs to default).

You can’t and keep Roon Ready in the Kefs and have Dirac. Only way is to use an external Roon Ready/ Dirac enabled streamer/endpoint such as the Mini DSP range and connect via optical or spdif to the kefs. Or use a pc with a card that Dirac can output as a virtual device that Roon on the pc can output from.

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Thanks for the reply, from my research this I believe is the cheapest Roon Ready MiniDSP device: https://www.minidsp.com/products/streaming-hd-series/shd-studio

I could get a mini pc going with a Dirac license, but when you say “card” do you mean a PCI-E full on card? Or just a virtual output kind of thing? Thanks!!

You need to be able to output spdif as the LSX don’t have USB input, so it needs to have support for that and then dirac can then create a virtual device using it and in return Roon can see that to playback via.

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The Kef LSX II do have USB C Input and Toslink (optical) from what I can see.
So preliminary plan is set up mini pc running Windows w/ roon endpoint software installed on it, and DIRAC live as virtual device outputting to the KEF’s via USB A to USB C

Ok I didn’t see one in the spec. But if it does then yes use that.

Did an experiment jank set up with the mini pc and roon bridge set up (no DIRAC yet, don’t have mic just yet), and you know what, just having this extra step in the chain kind of sucks… I like being able to “see” the LSX II’s properly with full Roon Ready support. I “see” the KEFs in Roon with exclusive mode using wasapi on the mini pc, but can’t control the volume or see any EQ being done by the KEFs…

I think I’ll just try the REW method from Magnus and see what’s what… That way the experience will be just a convolution filter in MUSE that’s fed directly to the Roon Ready KEFs, while being able to keep visibility into the KEFs DSP (I’ll leave them on default profile of course, but still). Having full visibility end to end is much more appealing to me, and of course no extra piece of hardware between roon server and the speakers…

You could use a service like Home Audio Fidelity to create you convolution filters to load in Roon. They do far more than REW can. I’ve used them for years and it’s way better than Dirac for music from my current experience with a Dirac system.


Oh interesting, I checked out their website and didn’t read this part properly the first time:
"Roon has an integrated DSP module with convolution capabilities : it is the perfect companion to implement the filters generated by our service (with or without acoustic crosstalk reduction)
This page is only valid if you’d like to use one of our audio plugins (like Room Shaper) "

So I thought their stuff needed all kinds of work arounds… hmmm interesting.

I’m just worried about spending the dough then needing to shift things around in my space and then needing to spend again… budget won’t allow for that lol

EDIT: File updates aren’t that bad $$ and they give you a music file adjusted to test out… hmmmm this is starting to look like a good option

An excellent option and Thierry gives wonderful service.

One of my best upgrades in the last 5 years.


He will also adjust until you’re happy with the results. Quick to turn stuff around and really patient and knowledgeable. Takes the pain out of it. You use his tool for measuring and send on the results.

the ONLY thing stopping me is that the space isn’t 100% dedicated to listening and things change, gear needs to move around etc. The speakers are on a standing desk and I’d measure them in sitting position but everything is thrown off if I go to standing.

With REW that’s no big deal since it’s “free” and Dirac I can always just rerun as many times as I want…
so nothing wrong with his offering just my use case might not be all that fitting for his service

That makes perfect sense.