What is the difference between ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit) and Roon Operating System?

Roon Nucleus installs Roon Operating System, and the third-party core installs Rock Optimized Core Kit. What is the difference between the two operating systems?
Can an Intel NUC8i7BEH install Roon Operating System?

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Nucleus OS is only available on the Nucleus. The main difference is the thermal controls for the fanless case and Crestron & Control4 support.

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Is there a difference in sound between the two systems?

I seem to remember reading that there are additional APIs exposed, Is this correct?

If you are talking about the Nucleus, then, no it should sound the same. Although, one is fanless. But, I don’t think I’ve ever heard my NUC’s fan come on.

If you are asking about Control 4, then I cannot answer, because that is for integration with a whole house control system; a setup I do not have in my house.

Just install ROCK as per the instructions, as you will have a NUC based device running your Roon Core.

control4 and crestron support.

Does that mean that Crestron support is availarble on a Nucleus but not within ROCK and, consequently, you can’t control a NUC running ROCK via crestron?

correct, it’s only for nucleus.

Dear Danny, please excuse, but is this still happen - Roon Rock has no support for Control 4 drivers? I can not believe it…

Is this in discussion in your team, as you know: hope dies at last…

Sincerely yours D

Yes it’s still the case.

Be a bit patient, because the discussion just started, but I’m pushing for open-sourcing the integrations and removing the Nucleus-only restriction. Certain obligations have changed, allowing us to do this now.


Dear Danny, is there any news? I am still interested and very happy with Roon and the Roon Core, it works without any circumstance! But I still miss the integration to C4…