What is the effect in Roon of banning an album?

Ban the album but not the individual tracks – what effect does that have on playback, search, radio, etc.? So far, all I see is a Banned icon overlay on the album in album view. The tracks in track view and the album in album view show up in Focus searches, and the album shows up in album view.

I’ll probably just end up hiding the album, but it would be good to know what banning an album does.


As far as I know, Banning excludes the tracks/album from being included in the Radio algorithms. Also, if you have individual tracks banned (not the album) when you click Play All, Roon will exclude those tracks from Album playback.
If your goal is to just not see the album then you can hide it. If i wanted to exclude something totally, I would put all the music in a separate storage location called EXILED and then either enable or disable the storage location as needed.

A banned album or track will never be played as part of a larger unit of playback (artist, radio, “all”, genre, …). You must select it for playback directly in order to hear it.

There is no affect on search or other browsing functionality–banning purely relates to playback.

Sorry for the dumb question, but where’s the “ban” option? I don’t see it anywhere.

It’s an extra tap of the “like” heart icon.

There’s a thin line between love and hate!




Thanks, guys!

I don’t see a “ban” option anywhere either. My guess would be that they are talking about “Hide”.

As @Sloop_John_B mentions above, just tap the heart icon. It goes from blank to filled in heart (favourite) to blank circle with line through it (banned).

You can do it at track level or by album.

Cheers, Greg

Aha, I didn’t realize that was called a ban. You can also ban artists.

I just thought with all the features there must be a way to ban Celine Dion from having me incur the wrath of my wife when Adele tracks fail over to radio mode and CD rears her ugly head so to speak…no offence to her fans but unless explicitly called for she is now :no_entry_sign: and happy wife is happy life :grin:

So bumping this gem for those that might need it…now where’s Barbra :smiling_imp: She is next muhahaha


Despite banning them both artists I came home to find Celine Dion playing on radio again

So the banning of an artist doesn’t seem to work in Radio at least…and I can’t seem to find a way to select multiple albums to ban…only like or unlike

@support am I missing something here?

I’m also looking for a possibility to ban multiple albums. Does anyone know if it’s possible?


apologies for bumping an old thread, but was this question ever answered? I have for the first time ever had an audiobook track pop up in a radio playlist. I found out how to ban individual albums, but ‘selecting all’ and trying to ban them doesn’t seem to do anything. They are all tagged so I can find them easy enough, just can’t ban them in one go.

I don t think you can do a mass ban. You can do a mass favorite and unfavorite.

OK thanks for that. Here’s hoping that the next iteration of the Radio feature is configurable in some way that might help with this. The ability to deselect specific tags from the choice of the Radio selection would work in this case. I can of course just unwatch the Audiobooks folder but that is not really an acceptable solution (apart from Christmas music). In any case, having to Ban tracks to stop them popping up in a Radio stream is a rather inelegant way of dealing with the problem.