Banned Artist keep cropping up in Radio play

I have tried banning several artists at the artist search and yet they still keep coming up in radio play. I think If I ban all the tracks individually they might not but thats a tedious and ridiculous solution.

I never want to hear Celine Dion (no offence - just not my cuppa tea) ever again when radio kicks in…but she still shows up along with other banned artists.

Is this a bug or am I missing something on the way banning (click the heart 2 times) works at the artist level?

Good question.

@support what is the design spec for this ? Might reasonably expect a banned artist to not appear in radio/swim.

I thought the previous discussion on the topic yielded the info that banning the artist did not prevent radio play and it was being looked into. I’m sure if you search you’ll find the previous thread on the same topic.

I did do a search on a topic specific for banned artist in radio still playing and drew a blank so I explicitly created one.

I remember seeing a discussion as referred to by @rugby, but darned if I can find it now. Let’s continue here in the meantime and if it turns up we’ll combine the threads. @ncpl has dropped a flag so we may get an update from the devs about whether this is working as intended.

Sorry, this was the other thread, but I re-read and realized that there had been no resolution and no direct explanation on exactly what a ban on an artist does in terms of the radio.

This is one of the reasons why I do not include my spouse’s music in Roon at all. I have no way to completely remove Celine Dion, Barabara Streisand and Barry Manilow from sight and sound.

I guess the forum search is letting me down too :frowning:

The artist’s albums shouldn’t be played, but tracks they appear on may still be played by Radio.

That said, I think we may have a bug here. Sorry to keep you waiting here @Paul_Chatfield – looking into this and will follow up.