What is the last music film you watched?

Last Sunday went to the premiere in Melbourne (whatever that means) of “Descent into the Maelstrom: The Radio Birdman Story”. Radio Birdman were a seminal Australian Sydney proto-punk band who fell apart on their first overseas tour in the U.K.

Reccomended viewing for fans of:

  • Detroit proto-punk (heavily influenced by Stooges and MC5);

  • Australian music. Yeah, there was before Radio Birdman and after Radio Birdman. Even a Melburnian has to admit that;

  • Band drama a la Spinal Tap. Very funny, particularly loved “The Van of Hate”.

I loved this film. Here’s the trailer:

And here’s a clip of them in 1977:

You’ll also find this excellent compilation on Tidal:

Don’t do movies, but have been to two live theater music art performances in the past year. Beautiful, based on Carole King, and The Bodyguard (which was a movie release) with a Whitney Houston music focus.

I recently watched a documentary about Bert Jansch that’s not new but has recently been re-released on DVD. Aside from some solid performances, Billy Connolly provides some very funny interlocution. And despite some rough spots in the production, there’s a duet with John Renbourn that’s worth the price of admission.

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Just love the hilarious scene in which Ian (Tim Robbins) is smashed up with a telephone – that is, in the imagination of Rob (John Cusack) :rofl:



An old favourite - our Ken never held anything back. Next up, Lizstomania…



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