What is the link for this station?

Hi, I’m trying to make this into a link that will work in players such as winamp and vlc. any help is appreciated. Please and thank you. Delilah | iHeart

Try https://stream.revma.ihrhls.com/zc4846

Site is US only.

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Thank you that worked. You are absolutely smarter than me. Thank you very much for this.

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First brian thank you for what you have done. Could you do the same for this station as well if you don’t mind? What is the trick to doing this? https://awesome98.com/

Try http://live.amperwave.net/direct/townsquare-kkclfmaac-ibc3

It depends. Sometimes it’s a straightforward lookup at a site such as fmstream.org. Sometimes it’s more analytic - looking at the code or the run-time streams from the website.

PS I’ve added KKCL to the Roon database. Awesome 98 will also find it.

(I’ve moved thread to a more suitable place)


Thank you are awesome. I truly appreciate it.

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