What is the most recent NAD AVR to be certified Roon Ready?

I will shortly be setting up a home theater system that I’d like to double as a stereo playback system for Roon. Thus, I am looking for an AVR that is Roon Ready, preferably through Ethernet but I understand I could also use an HDMI connection from my Roon Nucleus.

Question: it seems NAD has the most Roon Ready AVRs. Plus, some of them feature Dirac, which would be nice to tailor the sound.

So, two questions:

  1. What is the most recent AVR in NAD’s line-up that is certified Roon Ready?
  2. Can the AVR be turned on and off using the Roon app?

Thanks, Michael

I use a Denon X1600H for the same reason, plus I can’t afford a NAD!
Denon works as a Roon endpoint via its Chromecast built-in. Denon uses Audyssey not Dirac, again, a less expensive option.

Certainly can’t control AVR On/Off with Roon

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@Peter_Myers1Thanks Peter. How would you rate the sound quality of Chromecast vs. Roon Ready?

That’s a difficult question because it largely depends on the Roon Ready device.
But I think in general terms any RR device will be of higher quality (and cost) than Chromecast Audio

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